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Introduction JDC

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About the Institution

About JDC!

  • Established as an organization dedicated to the creation of the Jeju Free International City

    In the late 90s, when the Korean economy hit a major crisis, finding new engines for economic growth became an important issue. Therefore, discussions were made to create Jeju Island, which is located in the center of Northeast Asia, into a free international city that is a base for logistics and business, along with the beautiful natural environment.

    Therefore, JDC was established in May 2002 under the 「Special Act on the Establishment of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and the Development of Free International City」. As a national public corporation under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the central government acts as a channel to support Jeju Island and closely cooperates with Jeju Island.

  • Promotion of the Core Project for Creating Jeju Free International City

    In order to make Jeju Island a free international city, JDC is carrying out projects in various fields such as tourism, education, medical science, and advanced science.

    Jeju Myths and History Theme Park opened in Seoqwipo-si to move away from the image of low-priced tourism industry, and the largest theme park in Korea is geared to upgrade the level of tourism industry in Jeju. We also attracted renowned global education institutions to Jeju, contributing to helping Korean students receiving quality education services in Korea to address the social issues including “goose fathers” and absorb studying expenses spent overseas into Korea.

    We also have established a foreign medical institution where foreign residents living in the Jeju free international city can easily receive treatment, as well as creating the Science Park for the IT and BT industries on service industry-oriented Jeju Island, and this has caused outstanding foreign and domestic companies including Kakao, Eastsoft, and venture companies to situate themselves on Jeju Island.

  • Strive to Community-Based Social Contribution Projects

    We produced medical professionals by offering Medical Coordinator Training Course in Healthcare Town, and many of the local trainees are employed.

    In addition, for the development of the primary industry, we are providing farming equipment, fishery nursery, and diving suits for Haenyeo (women divers), etc., and establishing village businesses to find additional income sources for local residents

    We are steadily carrying out sharing projects for the underprivileged, such as the poor and the disabled, and all employees are delivering love throughout Jeju Island through Dream Sharing Volunteer Corps.

JDC’s History


For the Community. Towards the World (2015-2017)

Oct. Opened International school SJA jeju

Jul. Completed foreign medical institution building


Dec. Approved 2nd Science Park Development Plan and Designation
Opened Myths and History Theme Park J District Shinnarak Manarak (Jeju Myths and Legends Tour Route)

Apr. Started construction of foreign medical institution building
Started construction of International school SJA jeju


Jul. Completed Jeju Gotjawal Provincial Park

Feb. Started construction of Myths and History Theme Park


Development of Core Project (2014)

Apr. Opened Jeju Aerospace Museum (JAM)

Feb. Concluded a contract to participate in the Genting Group project in the Myths and History Theme Park (Districts A, R and H)

Transformation through innovation (2012-2013)

Oct. Concluded a contract to sell land in Myths and History Theme Park (Landing Hong Kong / District A, R, H)

Sep. Concluded a contract with Myths and History Theme Park (Landing Hong Kong/ District A, R, H)

Aug. Concluded a Landing Group (China)-JDC MOA for development of A, R, H district in Myths and History Theme Park


Oct. Concluded the contract with the China Greenland Group in Jeju Health Care Town
Opened Branksome Hall Asia

Apr. Designated a new port for the Harbor Redevelopment Plan of 2nd Stage Seogwipo Tourism Port Project

Jan. Finalized Jeju Free International City 2nd Comprehensive Plan


Pioneer of Core Projects (2007-2011)

Dec. Completed construction of Resort-type Residential Complex

Sep. Opened International School NLCS Jeju and KIS

Aug. Started construction of Branksome Hall Asia International School


Oct. Moved JDC head office to Science Park

Aug. Started construction of NLCS Jeju International School

Mar. Completed construction of Jeju Science Park


Nov. Designated Resort-type Residential Complex as foreign investment zone

Sep. Completed 1st Stage Seogwipo Tourism Port Project

Aug. Expanding space of JDC Duty Free Airport

Jun. Began construction of Jeju Global Education City

May. Began construction of Jeju Aerospace Museum


Dec. Approved change of JDC Execution Plan

Aug. Established a joint venture with Berjaya Jeju Resort


Dec. Commenced construction of Myths and History Theme Park and Seogwipo Tourism Port
Held groundbreaking ceremony for Seogwipo Tourism Port Development Project

Oct. Commenced construction of Resort-type Residential Complex

Jun. Approved change of JDC Execution Plan


Start on Jeju Island (2005)

Jun. Started Jeju Science Park

Apr. Moved headquarters to Jeju Island

Establishment period (2003-2004)

Mar. Approved execution plan for Jeju Free International City Development Center


Feb. Finalized Comprehensive Plan for Jeju Free International City

The Birth of the Company (2002)

Dec. Opened JDC Duty Free

May. Established Jeju Free International City Development Center

Jan. Proclaimed Jeju Free International City Special Act