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Jeju Aerospace Museum

Education Program

82,083 participants in total(CSR activities, Fab Lab Jeju, education and experience programs, included in exam-free semesters)

  • 1,008%

    사회공헌활동 CSR activities 4,224(total) 176(person) in 2014 → 1,774(person) in 2017
  • 508%

    교육/체험프로그램 Education/experience programs77,859(total) 4,936(person) in 2014 → 25,083(person) in 2017
  • 144%

    자유학기제 Exam-free Semester 5,085(total) 600(person) in 2014 → 865(person) in 2017
  • 3-years in a row

    고객만족도우수등급 Good rating in customer satisfaction Good rating in public satisfaction with government services

JAM CSR Activities

Mutual-Growth Interactive Program for Local Community

  • On-visit Museum Education Academy

    (invited by schools or on-visit)

    찾아가는 박물관
  • Partnership Museum Education Academy

    (partnering with institutions)

    함께하는 박물관함께하는 박물관
  • Visiting Museum Education Academy

    (festival engagement)

    움직이는 박물관움직이는 박물관

Cultural Museum Education Academy

  • Invited speakers’ presentations

    (Air and Space Science Festival etc.)

    항공우주과학 축제
  • Cultural and science events

    (Magic Science, Bubble Science etc.)

    매직사이언스, 버블사이언스 등
  • Science Plus Project

    (donation of science equipments and training programs)

    과학기자재 기증 + 교육프로그램


What is Fab-Lab Jeju?

It is a cultural complex designed to promote education and creation by offering a “maker space”.
Fab-Lab is a compound word of fabrication and laboratory, supporting creators with diverse equipments for creation including 3D printer.
MIT Media Lab is the first leader in such efforts. Anyone with creative ideas can create prototypes without requiring huge investment, and 130 fab-labs are in operation in 36 countries around the world.


With the closure of Infinite Imagination Center which was run since 2014, the space is renewed into Fab-Lab Jeju in 2017.
OPEN AM 9:30 | CLOSE PM 5:30


Everything about Aerospace Science,

This is a museum centered on experiential education for aerospace science. We are committed to becoming a world-class educational and cultural facility through continuous development of new contents.

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Business Overview

  • Tourism and experience-focused educational tourism infrastructure featuring air and space
  • Total project budget of ₩146.3 billion (for period specified in the 2nd development center implementation plan as amended)
    Land area of 111,840.4㎡; building area of 14,166.18㎡; total floor area of 30,166.64㎡; and exhibition area of 11,069.97㎡
  • 35 minutes from Jeju Airport

Business Timeline

  • history 2018

    Feb. Open/operation of augmented reality lightning racing theme exhibition, winning Best Public Award of Korea Blog Award

  • history 2017

    Dec. Achieved 1.11 million museum visitors in aggregate

    Nov. Monument of Colonel Dean Hess designated as Memorial Piece no.45-2-52 by Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, and recognized as museum offering formally accepted career experiences

    Jun. Signed MOU with Busan National Science Museum, and certified as career experience institution providing students with career experience opportunities for free

    Apr. Recognized as Must-Visit Museum by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and acquired international license of and opend Fab Lab Jeju

    Mar. Built Colonel Dean Hess Memorial Monument in the Museum

  • history 2016

    May. Signed MOU with Shanghai Society of Aeronautics (Shanghai Aerospace Science Museum) and Busan Institute of Human Resource Development

  • history 2015

    Feb. Signed MOU with National Gwangju Science Museum

  • history 2014

    Dec. Acquired health and safety certification (KOSHA18001) for the first time among museums in Kore

    Sep. Named Best Completed Architecture by Jeju Architecture Culture Award

    Aug. Opened Infinite Imagination Center in Air and Space Museum

    Jun. Signed MOU with Young Astronauts Korea

    Apr. Opened and operated Air and Space Museum

  • history 2013

    Dec. Completed Air and Space Museum construction, and signed MOU with National Youth Space Center in Koheung

  • history 2011

    Nov. Signed MOU with Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

    Aug. Signed MOU with Korea Aerospace Research Institute

  • history 2010

    Oct. Started construction for Air and Space Museum

    May. Signed MOU with Gawcheon National Science Museum

  • history 2009

    Nov. Signed MOU with Smithsonian Foundation of the US

    May. Groundbreaking ceremony for Air and Space Museum

    Feb. Signed construction agreement for Air and Space Museum among JDC, Air Force Headquarters and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

  • history 2008

    Nov. JDC and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province designated as final project developer for Air and Space Museum

Visitor Information

Opening hours 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Exhibition Ticket Ticketing Time: Until 1 hour before closing
  • Theme Room Ticketing Time: 10 minutes before the last run
Closed Days Third Monday of every month
  • However, if the Monday is a public holiday, the first weekday after the holiday


Category General Jeju-do Residents/ Person of Merit/ Disabled (Grades 4, 5, 6)
Adult Youth/ Military and Police Children/ Elderly Adult Youth/ Military and Police Children/ Elderly
Individual 10,000 9,000 8,000 8,000 7,000 6,000
Group (10+) 9,000 8,000 7,000 7,000 6,000 5,000
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제주항공우주박물관 지도

218, Nokchabunjae-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea, Postal Code 63521
Tel: +82-62-800-2114

Visitor Information

The Vast Sky &Infinite Imagination

We provide a view of the endless challenge and history of mankind toward the sky, 26 actual aircraft and footsteps of the ROKAF, an experience of airframe structures and flight principles, and future aviation technology and vision.

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  • Actual Aircraft, Levitation Exhibition

  • History of Aviation

  • Air Force Gallery of South Korea

  • Secret behind the Aircraft

  • Life-changing Aviation Technologies

  • How Things Fly

A Panorama ofMankind’s Space Exploration

This exhibit examines the history of astronomy in the East and West from ancient times, the constitution of space development, the appearance of the future space age, the infinite universe including solar systems, galaxies, and black holes, and the mystery of the creation of the universe reaching back 13.7 billion years.

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  • Astronomy: the Study of the Heavens

  • Walking in outer space

  • Space Exploration

  • Mysteries of Space

  • Invitation to the Future

Imaginary Space That Satisfies the Five Senses

This is an imaginative experience space that satisfies the senses with educational fun and entertainment, exciting space travel that transcends time and space, and a passion and dream for the future space age.

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  • 5D Circle Vision

  • Dome Theater

  • Interactive Wall

  • Interactive Education Space

  • Augmented Reality
    Lightning Racing Theme Park