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JDC Duty Free

The Beginning
of Happy Duty-Free Shopping

15 items (Special provisions for duty-free shops) Approximately 20% - 60% cheaper than the market price of over 260 brands and 34,000 products

Business Overview

Purpose and Effect of Project

  • Jeju Island provides tax exemption benefits to tourists to reduce the cost of accessing Jeju Island, thereby promoting tourism in Jeju Island.
  • The JDC-designated duty-free shop system was created to reduce the entrance fee for golf courses and the access cost to Jeju Island, thereby turning the traveling overseas demand of Koreans into Jeju Island.
    JDC will develop Jeju as a competitive international free city and contribute to the welfare improvement of Jeju Island.
  • Duty-free Business Headquarter
    +82-64-740- 9900

Business Introdution

  • Self-Resourcing through New Challenge

    In late 1990s, there was active discussion on developing Jeju into Free International City as a foothold of logistics and business. As a way to finance the project, instead of using government budget, a project was implemented to open domestic duty-free shops, and the first domestic duty-free shop opened in Jeju.

    First Duty-Free Shops for Locals in Korea

    In 2001, in line with the framework plan for Jeju Free International City, the duty-free shopping program was adopted for the first time in Korea to support the efforts to attract tourists at home and abroad. In 2002, when Jeju was designated as Free International City, JDC was launched to be responsible for creating the Free International City. The government had a plan to fund the project not with its budget, but duty-free sales revenues, and in December 2002, the domestic duty-free shop for opened in Jeju International Airport for the first time in Korea.

  • All Profits Reinvested in Jeju

    It is the only duty-free shop for locals in Korea. The shops are located in Jeju Airport, Passenger Terminal in Pier 2 and International Passenger Terminal in Pier 6 of Jeju Port. It is available for domestic and international passengers who travel from Jeju via flight or ship, with the duty-free limit of $600 per person per travel up to 6 travels per year. 15 types of items are available for shopping including liquor, tobacco, cosmetics, stationary, etc. pursuant to Ordinance on Special Cases on Duty-Free Shop, covering 52,000 goods of 260 brands. The profits from duty-free business are completely re-invested in creating Jeju Free International City.

  • Broke 500 Billion Mark in Revenues!

    Since the duty-free shop started operation, various and aggressive marketing campaigns were conducted, keep recording steady growth in sales. Especially in 2016, the business achieved revenue of ₩540 billion, breaking the record. It was possible due to steady efforts to upgrade business processes. By abolishing age limit for duty-free shoppers, raising duty-free limits etc., we have been committed to raising seed money to develop Free International City.

    Support for Small and Medium Enterprises and Yout h in Jeju

    제주지역 중소기업들과의 협력과 상생에도 힘을 쏟고 있습니다. 특히 청정자연을 바탕으로 한 제주지역 상품을 면세점 내 ‘다같이(다가치) 매장’에 비치해 10개사의 면세점 입점을 지원했습니다. 일자리 창출에 있어서 특성화고 학생을 대상으로 면세점 취업과정인 ‘고용디딤돌 프로그램’을 운영한 결과, ‘16년 51명이 면세점에 취업한 성과를 거두게 되었습니다.

Sale Items

15 items (Special provisions for duty-free shops)

Liquor, tobacco, watches, cosmetics, perfumes, handbags, wallets, belts, sunglasses, confectionery

Ginseng, ties, scarves, personal accessories, stationery, toys, lighters

Over 260 brands and over 34,000 products

Jeju Island -oriented cosmetic brands

※The JDC Duty-Free Shop proceeds will be used for the entire Jeju Free International City.

Sales Results

  • Recorded ₩100 billion in 2003 when the duty-free business first started Broke ₩300 billion mark in 2010 Achieved ₩540 billion in revenue in 2016, up by 10.75% from 2015
※Reference article for 2016    view more  

(in hundred million won)

Category '03~'10 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Revenues 15,532 3,383 3,428 3,450 3,666 4,882 5,407


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Airport Duty-Free Shop

In the Jeju Airport domestic departure room

Jeju Port 1 Duty-Free Shop

Within the Pier 2 Passenger Terminal

Jeju Port 2 Duty-Free Shop

Within the Pier 6 International Passenger Terminal

Customers using designated duty-free shops in Jeju Island can use the following according to the special provisions for duty-free shops (Presidential Decree No. 25678).

Category Detail
Subject of Use
  • Domestic or foreign passengers who depart from Jeju Island by plane or ship
    ※ Identification ID and boarding pass required for identification (passport for foreigners)
    ※ Abolition of purchasing age limit for persons under 19 years old (11/04/2014)
Purchase Limit
  • Purchase Limit / JDC Designation Purchase within the limit of the total purchase price of duty-free shop and JTO designated duty-free shop
  • Number of annual purchases: 6 times │ Per person, up to $600 per time (01/01/2015) │ Liquor: 1 bottle per person │ Tobacco: 10 packs per person

Tips for Duty-free Shoppers

In JDC-designated duty-free shops, duty-free goods are sold on the condition that the purchased items are to be taken out of Jeju Province, and thus it is prohibited for shoppers to take the purchases out of the duty-free area in the airport. Any breach of the law may mean penalties pursuant to Customs Law etc.

Return and Refund of Duty-free Goods

  • For return or refund of duty-free goods, customers are required to describe the reasons for return or refund etc. in a provided template, and submit it along with the purchased items. After approval process of Customs Office, the items will be returned or refunded.
  • Replacement is only allowed when the products have any defect not by customers’ fault, and they can be replaced with a product of same model.
  • All return, refund or replacement is conducted in accordance with Consumer Compensation Policy.
  • For more details, please contact Customer Service Center of JDC-designated duty-free shops (064-740-9900)

How to Use

Duty-free Shop at Airport

Duty-free Shop at Port


면세사업단 지도

Zip Code: JDC Duty-free Division, 1st floor, Jeju International Airport Office Complex, Gonghang-ro 2 (Yongdam 2-dong), Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Tel: +82-64-740-9900 l Fax: +82-64-740-9905,9907