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Jeju Public Rental Housing

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JDC public rental housing

By supplying public housing in Jeju Advanced Science & Technology Complex, we support stable residency of Jeju residents and workers in industrial complex, contributing to developing successful Free International City with improved business environment.

Business Overview

  • Wolpyeong-dong 717 and 717-3, Jeju-do, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (Blocks A23, Jeju Science Park)
  • 48,792.7㎡
  • 2016.04. ~ 2019. 03.
    Total project cost of ₩103.3 billion (for period specified in the 2nd development center implementation plan as amended)
  • As more and more Koreans move to Jeju to settle, the inflow of population drove up housing price dramatically. JDC has implemented housing project to supply public rental houses to ensure stable residency of the public by utilizing some of its land.

Business Introduction

  • Stable Housing Supply for Provincial Residents

    For the past few years, Jeju witnessed huge increase in population, due to inflow of population wanting to live in clean nature and engage in farming business, booming tourism business and local economy, and tangible achievements from diverse development projects. The soaring housing price, however, led to increase in housing cost for local residents and undermined our efforts to attract corporate investment.

  • All Together in Unity

    JDC and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province committed to play a public-serving role to supply public housing and stabilizing housing price (December 2015), and announced the plan to supply 100,000 houses including 20,000 public rental houses by 2025. In February 2016, MOU on creation and operation of Council for Housing Stability was signed multilaterally (JDC, Jeju Self-Governing Province, LH Jeju Office and Jeju Province Development), and the public housing construction plan was approved in August 2017.

    402 Happy Houses and 391 10-year Rental Houses

    The public rental housing to be built on Block A23 of Jeju Advanced Science & Technology Complex includes 402 Happy Houses and 391 10-year Rental Houses, with the total project period spanning from April 2016 to March 2020.
    The announcement for application will be made in September 2019.

  • 7 Differentiating Factors for Public Rental Housing in Jeju Advanced Science & Technology Complex

    1). Parking space: 1.5 times more cars can be parked than legal requirements
    2). Underground parking lot: vehicle-free complex on the ground to have sufficient outdoor space for landscaping and ensure pedestrian safety
    3). Special features for newly-wed: Happy Houses for newly-wed designed in 2 separate rooms, living room and kitchen, so that they can continue to stay after they have children; public childcare service and communal childcare concept applied
    4). Welfare service facilities: various community services available (small library, unmanned postal delivery storage, laundry room, business support service etc.)
    5). Electronic car: 10% of parking lots designed as electronic car-only parking lots
    6). Renewable energy facility: solar power generation facility and energy storage system (ESS) to help residents save utility bills and implement eco-friendly facilities
    7). Landscaping: connecting with external green areas, with air-purifying plants and local plants unique to Jeju

Business Timelin

  • history 2020

    Apr. Start to move in (scheduled)

  • history 2018

    Mar. Groundbreaking (construction for 24 months)

  • history 2017

    Jun. Obtain approval for housing construction plan (Happy Houses)

    Aug. Obtain approval for housing construction plan (10-year Rental Houses)

  • history 2016

    Dec. Launch main design service and construction management service

    Jul. Complete framework plan design service

    May. Obtain approval from Happy House Land Lot Selection Committee (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

    Jan. Sign MOU on joint efforts for housing stability

    Feb. Jeju Self-Governing Province – JDC – LH Jeju Office – Jeju Province Development