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Future business

JDC 미래사업

Here are JDC’s Future Businesses to Lead the Future of Korea and Jeju!

JDC’s New Development Directions

  • Key Directions

  • Harmony of growth and preservation

    Promotion of Jeju’s unique values

    Leveraging value-adding hardware and software
    at the same time

  • Core Values

  • Mature Development

    New development paradigm to achieve co-existence of development and preservation, investors and local companies and communities, as a way to preserve clean natural environment and traditional culture of Jeju

  • Objectives

  • JDC takes one step closer to the public by
    seeking “growth and co-existence”

JDC’s Future Businesses

  • 2nd Jeju Science Park Objectives

    · Enhance competitiveness of advanced businesses in Jeju by creating a complex catering to the needs of advanced industries including IT, BT and ET, with the site renovation completed for Jeju Advanced Science & Technology Complex


    · Attracting companies in advanced industries including IT, BT and ET


    · Location: 850,000㎡ in Jeju

    · Period: 2014 to 2021 (Continuing)

    · Project Cost: ₩219.5 billion in total

  • Upcycling Cluster Objectives

    · Address waste treatment in Jeju to preserve the unique natural environment of Jeju

    · Not compete with Jeju Province or private sector, but acquire new business competitiveness unique to JDC


    · Build an integrated complex housing advanced facilities to turn wastes into resources, as well as cultural space, to promote the value of environment in Jeju


    · Location: 100,000㎡ in Jeju

    · Period: 2017 to 2022 (in phases)

    · Project Cost: ₩109.8 billion in total

  • Smart City Test Bed Objectives

    · Target zero energy dependence using eco-friendly energy

    · Promote values of Jeju and quality of life for residents by developing technologies relating to the 4th Industrial Revolution


    · Create Jeju-stype Smart City to improve quality of urban life in areas of transportation, security, energy and environment


    · Location: 300,000㎡ in Jeju

    · Period: 2017 to 2021(To be expanded into Phase 2)

    · Project Cost: ₩253.7 billion in total

  • Electronic Vehicle Test Bed Objectives

    · Seek environmental protection and advanced industry development by building foundation for growth of electronic vehicle business in Jeju


    · Secure basis for electronic vehicle by attracting leading companies in the fields of autonomous vehicle and R&D


    · Location: 240,000㎡ in the 2nd Advanced Complex

    · Period: 2017 to 2022

    · Project Cost: ₩460 billion in total

  • Advanced Farming and Food Complex Objectives

    · Acquire competitiveness of future farming business by creating farming and food business infrastructure for first industry resources in Jeju

    · Increase income level for local residents by ensuring sustainability and competitiveness of farming in Jeju


    ·Plan to set up Smart Farm Test Bed Complex, and Farmer Training and R&BD Center

    ·Build 6th industrial complex (1st and 2nd / 3rd) featuring farming development and tourism services with research and education


    · Location: 1,000,000㎡ in Jeju

    · Period: 2017 to 2021 (To be expanded into Phase 2)

    · Project Cost: ₩166.5 billion in total

  • Drone Business Objectives

    ·Develop drone technology, the core of 4th Industrial Revolution, into a new future business of Jeju


    ·Seek convergence among industries related to drone and IT, and build base for drone business growth

    ·Build drone education and R&D facilities


    · Location: 100,000㎡ in Jeju

    · Period: 2017 to 2021 (To be expanded into Phase 2)

    · Project Cost: ₩400 billion in total(Phase 1 Business)

  • Globalization Project Objectives

    ·Develop global strengths of resources (people, business, capital) needed to create Jeju Free International City


    ·Foster global human resources and offer related education

    ·Enhance international trade features, and attract international organizations, leading companies and human resources


    · Location: in Jeju

    · Period: 2017 to 2022 (Continuing business)

    · Project Cost: ₩101.0 billion in total